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An uncommon answer to a common question-Which camera I use?

I have been often asked which camera do I use and the settings which is another topic for discussion however I tell them it is just like you love a dish from a restaurant and reaching out the chef and asking which cooking stove he uses that the food tastes so good 😊.

Photography is an art form that has evolved significantly over decades if not centuries. From black and white film cameras to modern-day digital cameras, the technology behind photography has come a long way. However, despite the advances in camera technology, the most important aspect of photography remains the same - the ability to capture and convey a moment, emotion, or story through the lens.

Many aspiring photographers get caught up in the technicalities of camera equipment, believing that owning a high-end camera will make them better photographers. While it is true that a good camera can provide you with better image quality and advanced features, the reality is that it is not the camera that makes a great photograph, but the photographer behind the lens. Think like this, before tomorrow’s much Ai-advanced camera still to arrive in the market, we have already created timeless photographs with whatever camera available at present.

Here are some reasons why the camera you use is not as important as you may think in photography:

It is the photographer who creates the image, not the camera. Photographer decides what to shoot, how to frame the shot, and when to press the shutter button. The camera is merely an extension of the his or her vision and creativity and not something that a camera can do on its own.

A good photographer can make great photos with any camera. A great photographer is guaranteed to create amazing images in ideal conditions with even the most basic camera. An expensive camera does not guarantee great photographs - again, it is the photographer's skill, vision, and creativity that matter most.

While owning a good camera can certainly enhance your photography experience, it is not the camera that makes a great photograph. As the saying goes, "the best camera is the one that's with you." So, don't get caught up in the technicalities of camera equipment - focus on honing your skills as a photographer.

By the way, I use NIKON D750 currently and I have been happily using an entry level up until recent.


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